Internorm QR Scanner

Category: Mobile applications

About the project

Austrian company Internorm is one of the leading companies in the field of production and sales of doors and windows in Europe. They sell a large number of doors every day. In order to provide more information and support to their customers, they print the QR code on each of their receipts. The Internorm QR Scanner is a mobile application for reading QR codes from the receipts.
The Internorm QR Scanner is available for both Android and IOS. It relies on the client - server infrastructure. For this multilingual application, the following components were developed: Android/IOS client application for end users, Web Service that provides data for client applications and MySQL database for data storage. The web service was written in PHP, but it also includes C++ module for QR processing. The client was provided with the documentation, and it includes the design specification and software design specification.

Client: Internorm GmbH, Austria

Domain: House design, Housing, Marketing, Advertising

Scope of work: Design, Development, Architecture design

Tools: Eclipse, Eventum, SVN

Technologies: PHP, C++, Lua (Corona)

Total project size: 2 months