Assets validator

Category: Desktop applications & other

About the project

Austrian company Internorm is one of the leading companies in the field of production and sales of doors and windows in Europe. Their business is increasing every day as well as the number of products and services they offer. Since their most important product are doors and several of their applications are based on doors presentation and visualization, Internorm keeps information about doors as well as door images. The information is related to general door details as well as door elements. The Assets Validator application's purpose is to validate all company resources, and keep track of possible changes.
The Assets Validator application was built from scratch for Internorm's internal needs. It is written in Java in order to be portable. The application is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. It consists of several modules, which provide validation of local resources as well as remote resources. Except validation, it also provides visual presentation of doors, door elements, and the other relevant information.

Client: Internorm GmbH, Austria

Domain: Image processing

Scope of work: Design, Development

Tools: Eclipse, Jira, SVN

Technologies: Java

Total project size: 2 months