Video sequence generator

Category: Desktop applications & other

About the project

Skydiving is a popular extreme sport and form of recreation nowdays. Since not all people feel safe to try it, there are Skydive simulations in special, more secure environment. Multiple cameras are recording those flights in such environments, and video is later being shown to the skydivers. The purpose of the Video sequence generator is to collect videos from multiple cameras, and to generate the final video, containing sequences from several cameras. 
Video sequence generator is server-based application for multimedia manipulation. It provides several functionalities, including collecting videos from cameras, cutting them, merging sequences, managing sound and watermark for the video. After the final video is being generated, the Video Cutter uploads the video to YouTube and sends a link to the video. It also includes constant monitoring of the video generation progress as well as the upload status.
Node.js is the chosen technology, while YouTube APIs and mpeg library were used as well.

Client: Confidential

Domain: Multimedia

Scope of work: Development, Manual testing

Tools: NetBeans, Redmine, SVN

Technologies: NodeJS, mpeg library, Youtube APIs

Total project size: 2 months