Category: Mobile applications

About the project

Dataedge Cousulting D.O.O. is a group of energetic businessmen in the field of catering. The goal of the company is to develop a platform that would bring together leading catering facilities and make their offer more interesting to the end user. TableStar is a platform available on Android and iOS phones, as well as on the web. The application enables simplified booking in popular venues. To the end user, it provides discounts, ie cache-backs and monitors his rating on the platform, making the going out even more interesting. The reservation management process is automated, so it allows easier work for the staff of venues.

Client: Dataedge Consulting D.O.O.

Domain: Catering

Scope of work: Planning, development, maintenance

Tools: Azure DevOps, Visual Studio Code, git

Technologies: SOA, Ionic, Angular Firebase

Total project size: 3 years

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