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About the project

Jobti-Med is an experienced and innovative HR management and recruitment company, specialized in outsourcing and placement in the field of medicine. They are located in Germany, while their clients are all over the world. The Jobti-Med company's core business is employee recruitment. Their business is based on their transregional knowledge of the market and the densely national and international network. They are an important partner for doctors of all disciplines at all levels of the hierarchy, nurses, geriatric and geriatric nurses on the one hand, and clinics, medical practices and care homes on the other.
The old Jobtimed website was primarily redesigned and replaced with the current one. This meant synchronization with modern trends, support for mobile devices and modern responsive design. In addition, the website is synchronized with the existing Jobitmed's Zoho service. Why it is important? Namely, in the old model of separated web site and Zoho service, the jobs of collection of the data from the web site, it's writing into the database, the analysis of the data, and communication with clients were done manually. Now, it is all automated and more reliable.

Client: Jobti-Med, Germany

Domain: Medicine, HR

Scope of work: Design, Development, Style redesign, Integration, Synchronization with existing Zoho service, Manual testing

Tools: PHP Storm, Redmine, SVN

Technologies: PHP (Custom MVC framework), Zoho, Bootstrap, JS, JQuery

Total project size: 2 months

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