FFSRB - Football tracker application

Category: Web applications

About the project

FFSRB stands for "Football Fanatics of Serbia (Serbian: Fudbalski fanatici Srbije)" - a group of young football fans, especially interested in regional leagues and teams.
The FFSRB is engaged in supporting the low-level competitions, aimed at promoting sports and healthy lifestyle. The purpose of the FFSRB web app is to track the game results, players and leagues statistics as well as clubs information.
FFSRB consists of two separated entities. The first one is the web site. It is developed in custom PHP framework, and designed according to the client's special needs. The other one is the administration panel - web application for data maintenance and configuration. The database was designed and implemented as well.

Client: FFSRB

Domain: Sport

Scope of work: Detailed planning, Design, Development, Database design, Deployment, Maintenance

Tools: MySQL Workbench, PHP Storm, Redmine, SVN

Technologies: PHP (Custom MVC Framework), JQuery, Bootstrap, MySQL

Total project size: 4 months

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