Category: Mobile applications

About the project

Fitprint Technologies Ltd, located in London, is the company whose business is based on ready-made interactive leisure and entertainment software development. They offered the Chuckl application to the students of the University of Cambridge in order to help them stay connected and easily organize their events. The Chuckl application enables you to easily organize, book and manage your events, and invite guests, all in one place. 
It was developed from scratch, for both Android and iOS platform. SOA was chosen architecture. Web service was implemented using Laravel. The client application was written in Ionic. MySQL database was the chosen database. The application is available on both App Store and Google Play for download.

Client: Fitprint Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom

Domain: Food & Drink, Scheduling, Event Management, Social

Scope of work: Design, Database design, Development, Manual testing, Maintenance

Tools: Visual Studio Code, PHPStorm, MySql Workbench, Redmine, Git

Technologies: Laravel, Ionic, Typescript, OneSignal notifications, MySQL

Total project size: 2 months

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