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About the project

Betanet is a software development company located in Israel. They provide a comprehensive technological and development solution for e-commerce and web development technological consulting.
The Apparel system is providing multiple possibilities for ordering goods and handling information from warehouses. It is available for desktop as well as for mobile devices running on both iOS and Android.
The Apparel system consists of the following components:
- Central Database
- Web service for reading and writing data into the Database
- Desktop application, which can work in both offline and online mode
- Mobile application for iOS and Android, available in both offline and online mode
The user is able to collect information in area which is not covered by the Internet connection. All information is being saved locally, in the client application's database. Later, the user can access the Internet, and the data will be synchronized with the central database by interacting with the Web Service. After that, all information is available for all users inside the system. 
The entire system is build from scratch. The desktop application was developed in C#, and the mobile one was developed in Ionic. Both of client apps use SQLite database. The web service was developed in Lumen. The central database is MySql. The system relies on the custom algorithm for synchronization of the data between multiple users and client applications.

Client: Betanet, Israel

Domain: Ordering, Tracking of goods, Clothes

Scope of work: System arhitecture design, Development, Database design, Manual testing

Tools: Visual Studio, NetBeans, MySql Workbench, DB Browser for SQLite, Redmine, SVN

Technologies: C#, Ionic, PHP, Lumen, MySQL, SQLite, Bootstrap

Total project size: 7 months